Friday, October 7, 2011

Galleria Time Tunnel Cameron :Back To The Past

I always think that my Mom is a compulsive hoarder. She likes to keep those old stuffs and it was very annoying at some point. It's like disturbing the whole concept of my idea of dream home. I prefer simple, white and chic and those old stuffs seem so out of place.

When we shift to our new home years ago, I threw away almost half of those old plates, cup, glasses, coin box and IDK what else. We don't really have the space for all these junks. Imagine Mom's horror when she found out about it. She lectured me for months after that.

No big deal! Those were junks anyway until I came to this place, Time Tunnel in Cameron Highlands during my recent visit. It feels kinda strange having to pay five bucks to see all these old junks. Even stranger was my feelings that moment. Seeing those things me brings me back to the past.

It wasn't really the object itself but the kind of feelings and memories that comes along with it. The yellow round coin box from Public Bank, I pestered my parents until they got me not one but two. Collecting rubber bands to weave a jumping rope. Sewing my own five stones, the fabric version. All these simple pleasure in my childhood and they don't even cost a thing. Unlike the kids today. They want nothing but the latest Nintendo, PS, IPad and so on. All those expensive stuffs. I might want to reconsider about adopting a child. Kids are so expensive nowadays.

Reminds me of my primary school days.I used to follow my friend home after school and hang out there. I love her mom's charcoal cooked rice. We also went to play at her parents farm and swam in the pond nearby, naked! We were only around 8 years old that time.

Let me pour you some tea. Have a seat and make yourself at home.

Beers memorabilias were much better in those days unlike some cheapskate lighters and keychains that they give nowadays.

I had lotsa bad hair and awful shoes days in my growing years thanks to Dad. He brought me to those barber shop for haircut. Gross....

What memories does this brings you?

Milkmaid was my household essential during my growing years. Now, I'd only get to enjoy it in kopitiams.

These coffee cups and saucers brings back the sense of nostalgia. Dad used to pour half of the coffee into the saucer to cool it down before I could take a sip directly from the saucer.

I'll need a bigger purse to carry this license around. As big as the passport and thick too.

80's babies never see this in their school. This is much interesting than what we had behind those brown exercise books.

Comments made in the 50's

You think I'll pay 30 cents for a haircut, forget about it.

If ciggaretes keep going up in price, I'm going to quit. 20 cents a pack is ridiculous

Well, those were the days.Now, if both sets of my grandparents are still alive, I might just hit the jackpot.


  1. Nice collection seen, amazing people still keep these along the years.

  2. Might never see these stuff anymore..

  3. Hi June,

    recently I went to the Time Tunnel. Definitely felt like it was a different era... Hopefully it'll stay until the next generations as well :)


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