Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Some Discriminating Staff At BOH Tea Centre

Update:Appropriate action? I wonder what can they do?

We are kinda excited to go for the guided tour as mentioned in this signage.

The time comes but the guide never materialise. The staffs here are too busy chatting to even acknowledge us. I'm sure they are chatting as they are laughing very loud. Something about marriage, second marriage bla..bla..What are their purpose in this company? Wasting BOH's money by chitchats and ignoring the visitors?

We started to get impatient and W asked about the tour. Guess what? They said we can go in just like that! Then what about the signboard? So we sat there like idiots waiting while they chitchat? They could have tell us that earlier. The most f*cked up thing was a caucasian couple came walking in and the staff attends to them and say 'You may go in now' in a totally different tone, a friendlier one unlike the tone that they use on us.

There's a sourpuss staff in this souvenir shop too. I don't even have to spend a dime for sourvenir. Her sourpuss face is more than enough for me to remember this place. She walked passed us with that sourpuss face of hers and right to the back of the shop and stared out of the window for IDK how long. She isn't in this picture, I guess she still dreaming back there.

That is totally double standard that they practise. Is it just the staffs or it's BOH's policy to treat caucasians better than the local? Ignore the locals and treat the caucasians like GOD? Locals don't deserve a good service and smile? That is very disrespectful to us. It's a shame that this has happened.

If that's the case, they should put up a sign at their entrance then I would never step my foot in.


  1. I have encountered the same treatment too, its just being biases and I don't understand why Caucasians are looked up?

    You know there's this Colliseum cafe down town and while we are kept waiting to find a place to sit, the waiters just sweep the Caucasions off their feet and immediately given them VIP treatment.

  2. didn't know you guys get that in msia too. It happens quite a lot in uk's china town.

    btw, thx for dropping by my blog (

  3. It seems that some folks think that being white is more superior. They might as well lick the white guys shoes.

    Thanks for dropping by too ;)


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