Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My Best Friend's Wedding

25th February 2012 was an eventful day for me. It was my first and only time as the maid of honour just for my best friend of 20 over years, Danielle. Both of us have been going all over the town for the preparations. Being the maid of honour and doing some miscellaneous jobs was already so tiring for me. I can't really imagine how tiring it is for the bride herself. Getting married sure involved lots and lots of hard work.

If I have to do all those things for my own wedding, I'd better not get married. Being the perfectionist I am, I know I'll go berserk over some itsy-bitsy stuff if some things go out of my plan. There'll be endless rows with the husband-to-be and plenty of frustration. I understand my own temperament very well.

Danielle is pretty much a better person than I am. Too many times that she had to cool me down for being frustrated over some small matter. Shouldn't it be the other way round? She's been telling me that one will learn how to let things be and go with the flow during the preparation, a changed person after the whole thing. I don't know if I can ever learn that though. My dear friend had matured while I'm still stuck in this rut with my stubbornness. The very same stubbornness that I've survived upon and in my pursue for perfection. Whether it's a good thing or not, there's no way to tell.

I would never imagine someone would really trust me so much to allow me to be involved in so many aspect of her big day. What I've done to gain that? I can't even trust my own self, what's more to trust someone else like that? Every possible scenarios that had gone through my mind, possibilities that I might not be able to complete all those tasks and ruin my bestie's wedding. Me being knocked down by a car, fell off the staircase or even got locked inside my office;being a paranoid that I am, stressed. I bet no one can imagine that I was so nervous that day that I was trembling the entire time until the dinner was over.

The dress that I've searched high and low for. Every other dresses that I've tried on seemed to feel odd on me, I can't fit into everything else except for this one. It camouflaged almost all of the imperfections.

Basic necessities....
Thank God that everything went well and thank you very much to my dear friend for your trust in me. This is the very thing that I would really want to learn from you, to be able to trust. Like what I've told you the other day, I've been thinking a lot and there's things that I would really like to change in my life.

(Nude for day ceremony and black for the dinner. I know I should wear a lady-like high heel to go with the pastel purple dress not this nude shoe. I just love to go against the rules and the conventional way, just the way I am. )

Once again, thank you very much for trusting me and to allowed to help with your wedding. Things I did might be an insignificant matter to everyone else but I don't give a shit of what others had in mind for I did them only for my best friend, Danielle.

I've learned something new and this event could just be the turning point of my life.

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