Friday, March 16, 2012

Memories of The Pooh Bear

Should be singular not plurals, so it's memory of the Pooh Bear. Once is more than enough to leave a lasting impression for me.

Pooh Bear used to be my nephew's favorite character when he was a toddler( he's almost 17 years old now). So, naturally me whom was babysitting him took liking to that character too. We'll sing along to the songs and entertained myself by watching my little nephew following Pooh's dance steps.

That was until I met this guy. A weirdo and I had no choice but to be polite as he was a friend's friend. I couldn't remember how he look like now, wouldn't even recognize him if I bump into him. But I do remember that he was a peculiar one. Some guy that I couldn't even bring myself to look straight at his face as I spoke to him.

He spoke about his dream of getting married, which sounded more like a plan to me. Some kiddo stuff like how many kids he wanted and those happily ever after nonsense. I felt funny at first then getting bored as he went on and finally had a shock when he revealed that he had me in mind. Oh dear, what kind of deep shit that I've got myself into? A delusional guy here.

Soon after, he started to call on a daily basis with all his nonsense and one day he gave me Winnie the Pooh bear. I liked the bear itself but not him. Since this is from someone like him , my so called friend begun to feed me with all sorts of crazy thoughts. The one I remembered the most was he could had masturbated on the bear and gave it to me! Eeww! That was the grossest thing ever. Without a thought or even a second thought, the bear ended up in the dustbin. And I told him not to call me anymore. Not that he did anything that we imagined nor that we have the proof but I was just looking for a perfect excuse.

One thing for sure, I'll never look at The Pooh Bear the same way again

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