Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Murphy's Law

"Anything that can go wrong will go wrong"-That's Murphy's Law.

I always try to complete as much task as I can in a day's schedule and always in a rush. Never had the luxury to walk or eat normally at all, except if I'm on a holiday away from all the daily fuss.
The darnest thing always happen whenever I'm rushing against the time.Let me recall how many times it happened to me at Tesco today:

1. Making Chinese Three Cups Chicken today but the spring onion was missing. Saw this weirdo at the vegetable corner that was squeezing and sniffing the coriander and spring onions, blocking my way.

2. Just had to grab some disgestive biscuits for my cheesecake, headed straight to the biscuit aisle. Met a group of even stranger women gathering at the corner and even worse they were in my way. They never see the biscuit in their life or what? Until now, I still couldn't figure out what they were doing there.

3. Another funny woman standing at the beginning of the escalator blocking everyone else behind her including me. I waited and waited until I had to excused myself. What is she doing there? Day dreaming or what?

What a waste of my precious time. Already happened thrice today that I've lost count how many times these occured in a month.

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