Sunday, March 4, 2012

One Damn Driver On A Damn Nice Sunday

I was waiting for this parking space when this damn disgusting looking asshole with his damn car came out of nowhere and stole my parking space. Makes my blood boils with his damn face. As if cursing him and his car isn't enough, I really really wish that I know witchcraft. I would flung him out of the car and into the wall or use an invisible force to crush his damn car. No! That's not enough. I would turn him into a manhole cover so that I could run over him everyday without breaking the law.
I have to say this, damn you fucking barbarian in your damn car for stealing my spot. Happened in front of Bangsar's Mcdonald's with one damn white Kancil with one damn driver that wears sunglasses even after sunset. I hope that will be your last meal of McDonald's if you could afford it and faeces will be what you eat forever after today.

Feeling much better now..

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