Monday, March 5, 2012

Women Are Not Cheapskate and Men Are Selfish

Recap of Hitz Fm morning show: Women are described as materialistic and cheapskate.
How they after men's money and how they expect men to pay for everything. Whoa!! Looks who's talking now, the men are insulting and degrading us women.

If men have certain criteria in a woman that they like, so do us. We don't really care how you look like or what car you are driving. We only cared how much you are willing to give when it comes to love.

When you apply for a job or a loan, you'll need to provide your academic qualification, proof of income and bank statements. You'll need to prove that you are capable of handling the job or to service the loan. Same goes for a relationship, we'll need to know how much you are willing to give.

There are certain methods that we used to gauge your sincerity.

Dinner date: How calculative can you be? Will you split the bill down to every cent. I heard from a girlfriend that she once dated a guy that grumbled non stop for a RM30 over dinner bill even though she's willing to split the bill. He even invited himself to my friend's place after the meal on the first and only date. What was he thinking actually? Look who's being cheapskate here? The guy or the gal? My advice to her was: Block his calls and never see him again.

Modern women are earning decent income nowadays, we can afford much better meal when we are on our own. It just that sometimes we have to tone down our preference for quality meal when we are on dinner date to accommodate the guys. It's not too much to ask if you could just buy us a meal if you really like us.

How about the rest of the platonic guy friends? We don't really mind splitting the bill. What I usually did was to take turn paying for the meal. Easier than using the calculator each time.

Gifts: Who doesn't like a gift now and then? Men and women alike. It's something like a reminder to us that we are being loved by someone. But no gift no matter how expensive they are that can buy our love for a guy. It's the thoughts that matters. Some guy may earn a lot but they are stingy with us. Some guy earn peanuts but they are willing to spend it all on us. Anyone of us would always choose the latter even if the monetary value of his gift doesn't worth much.

Like Lady Gaga said "I can buy my own f*cking ring". Us, women can afford to buy anything we want. Guys, please don't think that we really cared for all those material stuffs.

Men who gave such comments must have been hurt by women before or they don't understand us or they are just plain selfish. It really hurts being labelled like that when we are just some ordinary women looking for love in this crazy world.

Some women ran away not because they are not getting the material that they want, it is because they are not getting enough love from the guys. They are just trying to protect themselves and to look for someone else that's worth their time and effort.

Men, don't you ever dare to think that you can get a woman to love you without ever having to put in any effort and sincerity. That's what we called selfish. Women has to sacrifice a lot too, try ask your mother. There's no equality in a relationship but you have to know how to give before you take.

Even Madonna the Material Girl has been known for settlling for guys lesser than her.

Women deserved proper credits, really..


  1. even if it's just a joke, it's damn shameful of a working man to even ask a student to treat him meal that he selected which is already beyond her personal budget. it's not that we can pay our own bills, we are every willing to treat the guy if we feel like doing so not because he asked for it!

    1. I totally agree with you. We treat the guy when we feel like doing so. I used to treat my guy friends just because I feel that they are worth it,

  2. Well said! I love this article :)

    1. Thanks Tiffany. Love your article too. It really left me in deep thought about love. I really wanna know what's love is.


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