Friday, March 2, 2012

Bitch Mode:On

You know you've attained a new level of bitchiness when you can bring your skills to the dream world. I've just did that!

Stumbled upon some old photos while working on Danielle's wedding slide recently. Seeing some familiar faces at school and I saw this fella. I don't know why I loathed this guy. Not my problem actually, most of my friends dislike him and it's still unexplainable. Furthermore, he did all sorts of loathable stuff back then.

I loathed him so much that he had became a nightmare for me, few days before Danielle's big day. I was back in my high school talking to some guy and then this fella came over and touched my hair! Shit! This is so disgusting! I stepped back and shout right at his face that only good looking guys are allowed to touch my hair and then I woke up. Phew...

Never knew I could talk like that until that frightful night. Anyway, most of my hair stylists are quite good looking.

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