Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Best Friend Is 10 Letters So Is Lying Bitch

When you are a true friend
You should have offer to help
You know your friend needed it badly
But you wouldn't even lift a finger to help

All I know is that you've been BS'ing all along...

Is it because it's behind-the-scene dirty work
And nobody will see you sweating it out?
I bet you will want to stay in the front line
Where everyone'll praise you for helping out

"She's so nice for helping out" Is this what you want?...READ THIS "MY ASS!"

I know you've been eyeing for that role
Frankly speaking, it is not meant for you!
Not ever just because I know what you did
What you did behind my friend's back!

Backstabbing and spreading malicious lies with that damn mouth of yours

I wonder why you wanted that role so much
Is it because that you are now back on the market?
You looked like a famished predator to me
Desperately preying for 'food' in the meat market

Seeing you've been eyeing every possible prey that evening

I know you tried hard to avoid my gaze and you hate me at the same time you've been curious about me. Oh man, you are pathetic but I sure like it when I know you hate me.

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