Thursday, November 3, 2011

Pippa's Derriere Is Overrated

Why would anyone wants to have a derriere like hers? What's up with it? Can it talk back to you? Things are getting ridiculous. Tabloids going hoo haa over the butt thing and people actually pay for dresses that made their derriere like hers. All because she's the sister of the future Queen?

So what? What's the big deal about that? I wouldn't even want a face like hers let alone her butt! But I sure want Catherine's face, she's so beautiful.

Come on, ladies! Be more realistic and embrace what you have. You may hire a personal trainer and sweat it out. You might end up with a much nicer derriere than hers. I can imagine someone saying "Pippa, who? Butt like hers? No thanks but thanks"

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