Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Poor Little Rich Boy? I Don't Buy It

I rejected another call from this guy today, I lost count how many times I did that. Let's just call him erm...him. He's sure one annoying guy. Never see anyone like him before. He kept telling me that I looked like his former girlfriend. Sounds corny huh? Wait till you heard the rest of his story.

He worked for some credit card merchant company and that's how I got to know him, because I need to apply for the credit card terminal. He would call during working hours mentioning just a little bit of work related matters and then the rest of the conversation was all about him. He would tell me about his former girlfriend, as if I ever cared about it. How she left him when he was busy working to earn more money. How I reminded him of her...bla...bla. I had to pretended that there's another call coming in to be able to hang up. I think if he really got dumped, served him right. Don't think he was really that busy working, he misused the time working for some one nonsense like how he called me and talk rubbish.

He talked about how his rich father lectured him for not working for him. His was like some poor little rich boy story. Then about getting the Toyota Vellfire and then let me drive it. Duh....if I was still 11 years old, I might buy his stories. But after living for 3 decades, this guy sounded like a con man to me.

Whether he's really loaded or I looked like his former girlfriend, I don't give a damn.

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