Saturday, November 12, 2011

My Face Improvisation

It was bewildering when my bestie Danielle told me how some people are speculating that I had some plastic surgeries done. I mean even someone like me can get involved in such speculation?! I don't whether to cry or laugh, is it a compliment or an insult? Shall I have a press conference to clarify that or get a plastic surgeon's evaluation?

I don't see anything so UNHOLY about going for plastic surgeries. No big deal! I never object to the idea of getting my face or body fixed and in fact I had so many parts of me that I would like to improvise. I wish that my nose is smaller like those character in Japanese manga, thicker lips like Angelina Jolie, taller like those models in the international runway, fairer skin like Dita Von Teese, bigger boobs like Scarlett Johansson and so much more. All these are unreachable for me because I'm afraid of going under the knife and I'm a timidly cat. Also I'm not loaded.

I don't rule out the possibility if I've gathered enough courage and money someday when I'm desperate enough. Right now I will just have to settle for whatever I have. then I will inform everyone when the FACE & BODY IMPROVISATION PROJECT starts. Meanwhile those people who speculated about me must be having some serious problem with their eye sights. Go see some optometrist and get your eyes fixed.


  1. With money anything is possible today and more are wiling to spend to look good.

  2. Just ignore them, you look good by just being you :-)

  3. Nava K:Money and effort are all we ever need to look good

    Sholee: Thanks for the compliment.


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