Monday, November 7, 2011

Something Just Isn't Right About Her

Her smile bears a striking resemblance to that woman. The woman that stole another woman's husband and do all sorts of dirty tactics to oust the poor woman. I don't hold any grudge against being the other woman but I think that one shouldn't cross the lines beyond that. I've seen them schemed and plotted to topple the first wives.

The same woman who wears a mask and pretended to be my friend when in fact I don't what makes her hates me so much. She must be some psychopath. I have no idea why I always managed to attract these kind one women in my life. I almost lost count how many I've met one and ran away from. Why do these women hate me so much?

And now I met another woman who reminded me of her. The smile, the over friendliness and so on. Am I being too sensitive or something just isn't right about her?

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