Saturday, November 12, 2011

Stones and Sticks Might Break Our Bones

I'm so glad to be able to know a few girl friends that are in the same situation like me. Someone who really how I feel and what I experienced without me having to elaborate much. Just a few simple sentences are all we ever need to express our dissatisfaction.

We've been cursed, back stabbed, smeared and scratched by those out of our circle. People cursed us for all things bad ahead of us. Idiots who back stabbed us thinking that we won't know what they did. Bitches tried to smear our reputation with some malicious lies and scumbags that had too much free time that actually use some effort to scratch our cars and everything else that we had. We've been called all sorts of horrible names such as loose women, husband or boyfriend stealer's, old maid and there's simply too much to further elaborate.

I really can't figure out why we are being treated like this? Just because that we are more career minded and we put everything else behind that? Just because we didn't get married earlier and cook for the husband every day? Just because we didn't have any kids yet and spending time cleaning up after them or shout at them like a mad woman when they get too naughty? Do all that really justify what we are being labelled?

My girl friend rejected this guy and he had the audacity to ask whether she's gay? What was this guy thinking? Is he the best in the world and one must be crazy for not falling at his feet? We really agreed that it was the best decision that my girl friend had made by rejecting him. He's a moron.

None of us really deserve what has been said about us but that's the fact of life. Bitter people with people with too much time. They like to spend time hating us and hatching some stupid plans to make our lives miserable. I believe in karma, do what you want for they will come back three folds to you but we don't think we'll be free to see that happens. We are just too busy with our lives.

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  1. I believe in karma too and you bet what goes around comes around and nowadays, it happens quite fast too.


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