Monday, December 15, 2014

Teal Christmas Wreath

Princess Emma says Merry Christmas!

As I put up some Christmas decoration at this new place, I was thinking how good if I don't have to put these back into storage immediately after the festive season or maybe don't even have to put it back. It will be wonderful! Lazy people like me always think of lazy and easy ways to work around things. Hmm.....

Here's the making of my little teal wreath. It's something that I can leave it hanging all year long with the little angels guarding my house.

Some teal yarn here with my Princess Emma.

It's quite time consuming trying to wrap the yarn around the wreath base having to keep the whole thing looking neat and tight without some odd gaps here and there. 

I made two of this. One with initial J for myself.

And the other one with initial D for my BFF Danielle.

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