Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Curiosity Of The Ancient World

Perhaps it's a lifetime regret that I can't read chinese. Been missing out on a lot of good books and to learn more about the history of the imperial China. I've been fascinated with their emperors and empresses. Collected books on Empress Tsu Hsi, Wu Zetian and so on. Where every step they took in the palace could be their last and how they rise to power. A lot of people found it boring but to me, it's where I learn the ugly truth of humanity and the way of life.

It's also some kind of escape for me, from this real world. What will it be like if I live in that period of time or who will I be?

The Impressions of the West Lake by Zhang Yimou in Hangzhou had me watched in awe and I'm hoping to watch it again soon.

Yang Concubine defined a different meaning of beauty...

Ancient costume dramas with English subtitles of course

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