Sunday, December 18, 2011

Should Have Kept My Big Mouth Shut

I am a total sucker, when it comes to taking sides.As long as they are my family and friends, they'll be the right one. I'd throw caution to the wind and sided my loved ones. I would say things like how some people being such a jerk or asshole. How I wish karma will hit them hard. Just to comfort my loved ones.

I would never question them and I don't care what actually happened in between them and the assholes in question. I just want to relieve whatsoever bad feelings that my loved ones is harboring inside them that very moment. Immediately, I found myself hating that particular person just because I knew they hurt my loved ones.

I have a record breaking low emotional intelligence score. Which is why I found it hard to be rational without taking sides too quickly.By the time everything become clear to me, I really wished that I should have kept my mouth shut in the first place.

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