Monday, December 12, 2011

Lost For Words

I might not be the most brilliant person around and I'm having trouble with my expressions. My thoughts, my speeches, my conversations, my writings and so on. Let me just put it properly in words, I'm always at lost with words. Words that could easily roll out of my mind will be suddenly lost in transition.

It's really awkward when I was having this wonderful conversation and suddenly I don't know what to say! I would stared at some make believe interesting spot in front of me and hoping that the earth would crack open and swallow me up.

Messaging has become tedious for me too. It would take forever for me to come up with a reply. Minutes will be fine but it could takes me hours, days or weeks before I could type a proper reply. I would type and backspace and it just goes on and on until I give up and abandoned the conversation altogether.

My thoughts throughout the day could be repeating itself like a spoiled DVD that keep playing the same chapter. It's because I kept losing the plot of my thoughts due to the interruption of my own thoughts. It goes like this " Hmm, what shall I get for Danielle this Christmas? A mug or....I love the chicken dish that mom cooked last night, a bit hungry now. Shall I book the flight ticket later on today? Hey wait a minute. Where was I? What am I thinking ?".

Does this make any senses to anyone?

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