Thursday, December 15, 2011

Kiasu Goes For Apple IPhone 4s

7:33am: Woke up without the aid of the alarm clock. Packed a magazine and a tumbler
in case there's a long wait at Digi.

8:15am: Going for breakfast in Lucky Garden and even though the Pan Mee didn't tell
me to wait half and hour, it still took forever to reach my table. Faster! I'm in a hurry! The Apple will sell out soon!

8:45am: Found a very nice parking spot at BSC. Stomach ache and I felt like I wanted
too pee as well. No! Those must wait, there's more urgent matter at hand. Must survey the situation at the centre first.

8:50am: Took me 5 minutes to find this place! Oh gosh...I hope there's still stock
available for me. To my surprise, there's no long queue! Luckily, I was the 4th person in line and there's nobody else behind me.

9:15am: Phew! Everything went smoothly and the wait is finally over. My new
Iphone 4s is safely in my hands. Apparently there were only 4 kiasu in
Bangsar. It's still very quiet as I leave the place. Now I can finally
go for another big business in the comfort of my own toilet.

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