Sunday, December 11, 2011

Angelina Jolie trips and rips her glamorous gown at LA premiere of her directorial début

There are two type of people that will click on this entry. First, people that enjoy seeing others suffer and lastly Angelina Jolie fans who's genuinely concern about her well being. I love Angelina Jolie and she's my role model. She earned crazy amount of money and she also donates crazy amount of money back to the society and all the charities works she did. A bit concerned until I started to read about it. Just a minor problem and my goddess is absolutely fine.

It's amusing how people dwell on others suffering in search of some short term fix for happiness like some sort of drug. Then the cycle will repeat all over again. They'll wait and they'll pounce on their victim like some beast preying on its victim. Followed by loud laughter's, that sounded like the hyenas. Disgusting.

Just like what happened to Britney Spears, she was at her peak when her whole world crumbled upon her. I bet a lot of people has been waiting for that moment. Applauding and celebrating the fall of Britney. Poor girl, the paparazzi hounded her and everything was against her. And the world loves to see a failure. They just love to see people fail.

Back to Angelina Jolie, can't the tabloid find a better news to report. Couldn't find anything negative or flaws to report hence the tripping gown headline? Or are they just hoping badly to see Angie falls flat on her face?

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