Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Anti Malaysia?

Recently,I've received an invitation to join the Anti Malaysia group from a neighboring country. Why are these people forming a group to go against Malaysia?
I'm feeling so disgusted with the creator of this group.

It's very funny and confusing on why this group of people hate our country so much and yet their fellow countrymen and women keep coming to our shore to work.Both legally and illegal.They even refused to go back to where they belong when our government tried to send them back.

The men usually work in the construction field and the women usually work as domestic helpers.I think that this is one of the main reason for the increased of crime rates in Malaysia.

Housing areas that are located nearby the construction sites are usually prone to have burglary and robbery cases. Most of those cases involved those construction workers that came from our neighbor country.

Households that hired domestic workers from our neighbor country faced a lot of problems too.Maids that runaway with the employer's valuables.Maids involved in vice during the day time when their employer's not around.Abused and frightened children and elderly in their care.Adding inedible substances in employer's food such as used sanitary pads.Inflicting injuries upon themselves to escape from employment.The recent case was maid accusing her employer of abusing her but new found injuries were found even though the employer was separated from her.

There was even an issue on the minimum salary of the domestic workers.How dare they demand for higher pay when they are not able to meet our requirement?!Some are even higher than what the government servants are earning here!This is too much to ask for.With a higher pay,we might as well hire some individuals with higher qualification.

Since there are so many dissatisfaction,this particular group should urge their fellow countrymen and women to go back to where they belong and not staying here causing us a lot of problems.Why do they still want to stay here when they hate us so much and when we are not rewarding enough for their half-hearted menial duties?

Don't even think about complaining when one can't even extinguish the burning in their country's forest.The burning itself has caused the smoke to be blown to our country affecting our citizens and we have to spend to send help to their country.

After all this and they are saying that they hate us now?

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