Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Revelation:The Dirty Deeds of the Gypsy

And then the nightmare begun
Not only for her
But also for those around her
She'll be their greatest nightmare

She's like the Satan
Tricking people to believe
That she's an angel
Luring the innocent to her abyss

Playing the part of the angel so well
That she really believe that she is
Little does she knows that
There's a different between both

A woman of loose moral
Who infested minds around her
Throthling those in her grasp
Will be burn in hell

Spreading malicious rumors of others
Rumors that belongs to no one but her
The rumors were all about her sins
She tried to put the blame to elsewhere

Put others in bad light
Spreading that other's no good
Soiled other's reputation
Calling others sinners

Destroyed other's life
Blocked other's every opportunity
Ruined other's family
Creating tension in other's love nest

She acts very well
She deserved the best actress award
She blinded everyone
With her lies

Those who are awake
Those who didn't take her words
They will suffer a million times
She'll never let them get away

She lives in hell
She'll hurt those around her
If she can't be happy
No one else can

She's creating a hell on earth
She's digging the pit of fire
She's preparing for the day
To bury everyone along with her

She'll never get to do that
She'll never succeed
She'll never wins
Her battles are lost forever

But the day will come
The day that her karma
Will return to her
To repay what she did

The good will always triumph
Over the bad one,
She'll burn in hell
Burning eternally for what she did

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