Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Genesis:A gypsy woman's beginning

Look into the mirror now,
Look into the reflection,
Look deep into it,
What do you see in it?

I can tell you what you see,
A woman looking back at you,
A miserably insane woman,
Her eyes tore deep into your heart.

Her mind is chaotic,
Her hair's a mess,
Her face's inhuman,
She looked very disheveled.

But she thinks she's beautiful
She thinks she's one smart ass
Who will get away from anything.
And no one will know her dirty deeds.

She thinks she's invincible,
She thinks she's capable,
She thinks she's irreplaceable,
She thinks she has it all.

She chanted all these day a night,
Trying to hypnosis herself,
Making herself believe,
That there's no one else but her.

She lives in her own world,
She world where she rules,
Where she's an enchantress,
In her own crazy bubble of dream

One day the bubble busted.
Her dream world has gone,
She has to pack her soul
And live in the reality

She thought she still rules
Thinking everyone will bow to her
Somehow it didn't turn out right
Everything's against her will

That's when the reality sank in
The world's not what she's seeing
As in her color tinted glass
She just can't accept the truth

So,she started to wonder around
Ruining life of those around her
Poisoning other with her filthy tongue
That's what a gypsy woman does.

She hides her dirty deeds very well
Thinking that no one'll discover them
She'll always be the proper one
The rest will be the gypsies

Soon,her tracks were exposed
The news spreads like wild fire
Her facade illusion were broken
Showing her wicked persona

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