Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Sequel to the mistake

When you was still a toddler,
You touched the stove out of curiosity,
Curiosity kills the cat,
So you got your hands burned & scarred.

When you was still a kid,
You played with fire,
The glow of the flame's very enchanting,
So you burned down the house.

When you were a junior at school,
You played all day long,
The homework's left unattended,
So you end up in retention class.

When you are in high school,
You wanna be a cheerleader,
You wanna dress like an adult,
So,you end up looking like a whore

When you have a crush on a senior,
You go on dates and movies,
You thought you were the coolest in school.
So,your parents found out and you were grounded.

When you go to college,
You wanna go where your friends go,
It doesnt matter what the subject is,
So you wasted 4 years studying rubbish.

When you graduate from college,
You wanna earn 10k a month,
That was what they said in college,
so, you end up jobless.

When you found the job,
You want to find a higher ranking job,
After all,you thought you know all about the job,
So,you end up being a laughing stock.

You meet your mr/ms right
There's butterflies in your tummy,
You thought you'll live happily ever after,
So, you end up with a broken heart.

You like to savour food,
As long as it's edible,
You'll eat anything,
So, you end up with all sorts of sickness.

You thought life's too short,
Too short to missed out on anything,
You take risk unnessesarily,
So,you end up with nothing in your name.

You live life fast and furious,
You thought you were james dean,
You drive fast and furious too,
So ,you'll die prematurely like James Dean too.

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