Saturday, October 24, 2009

The rich's getting richer now.....

The rich's getting richer and the poor's going nowhere.Every single step is created to ensure that the rich ones will become even more properous.So, I think I wouldn't be able to shout out that slogan as I don't belong in the higher income group.
To add salt in the wound,there'll be some service tax on each principal credit card that each individual have.The real rich people doesn't need credit cards because they can afford to settle their payment with cash.The lower income group is the one who really needs the credit cards and now they are slapped with a RM 50 tax.That's crazy.
What about those who had signed up some gym membership and installment payment contract with their credit cards?They can't even cancel their card now.As these contracts usually bounded you for a year or two.So,they have no choice but to pay up for the tax.If these people can afford it,they wouldn't need to bounded by those installment plans and now they getting poorer due to the tax.
Anyone who doesn't know about the Indian society?Let me tell you about that.There's a huge contrast between the rich and the poor and there's almost nothing in between.With this rate,our middle income society will soon be extinct because we are going to be milked dry soon.
All these are purely my own opinion.I guess maybe I can't see things the way like some people does.Or maybe I'm just plain dumb to understand it.

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