Thursday, October 8, 2009

Fate & Destiny?

There are something called fate and destiny.
We were told that our life is pre-destined,
Pre-destined when we were still in the womb.
Whether it's a good life or a bad one......

When something bad happened to us.
We thought it was meant to be like that.
It happened to us because it's fated...
Fated to happened in our lifetime......

My life is too precious.
Too precious to be controlled.
Controlled by the so called FATE.
And the so called DESTINY!

Don't they know that it's their own life?
Can't they run their own precious life?

Rather to leave it to the unknown..
Rather than to surrender to fate,
Or is it the destiny?.
If so,the life would have no meaning

Stop giving yourself excuse!
We are born with mind of our own.
We are capable of running our own life.
We can make things happen for ourselves!

It's the matter of our mind.
Whether we want it or not?
Preseverance and confidence,
That's all we need.........

Don't just give up when you failed.
It's from failure that make us succeed.
Don't just surrender to fate and destiny.
We are entitled for better things.......

Fate and destiny?

I won't let it rule my life.
I won't surrender to them.
They can't stop me from what i want.
What i want,i'll get them..........

I know it will be a harsh journey ahead.
I know i'll have to shed some tears.
I know i'll have to make some sacrifices.
I also know that I'll achieve my dreams.

Nothing ever will stop me.
No one else can stop me.
I'll do what i have to.
To realise my dreams and ambition.

If I were to give up.
Just like that without fighting.
I might as well jump off the cliff.
For there's no meaning to life anymore.

There's only one thing,it's called FAITH....

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