Friday, October 23, 2009

Violence against women

They are being stereotyped, abused, killed in honor killings and so on.The violence against them are so great that it has become the subject of debates of all times.
There are many individuals and organizations out there whom tried to fight for the dignity of the women.But yet,this issue has never been decreased.It is because certain people in this society is still living in the stone age where women are treated as the weaker sex.And they can be used and discard to the liking of the men.The men who thought that they own the women just like any household object,the same men whom the women sought protection from and the very same group of men whom they used to trust.

News of violence against women are plastered on the newspapers everyday.Most of it started in a place where we called home.The patriarch of the household who violated the young and innocent girls.It's so disgusting!They are supposed to protect those innocent children but yet they had done so many disgusted act onto those girls.These has created a deep trauma in their lives.Something that they'll never forget. How could you forget it if it happened to you?.They should be a heavier punishment for those beasts,like what I've seen in some documentaries from some middle eastern countries.To cut off whatever body part that have committed crime.

Domestic violence comes next.It is very sad when a woman had unknowingly chosen a wife beater as a husband.The man who had vowed to provide and to love the woman whom he married unconditionally.But he had break the vow when the first word of abuse came out from his lips and even worse,to strike the wife with his bare hands.Usually the husband will feel guilty and ask for forgiveness from the wife after the incident.This is where the trouble starts.He did it once and got away with it.Then it'll become a habit to him.The wife will just keep those incidents to herself until it was too late.It's either it has became so serious that she couldn't take those beatings anymore or when she's DEAD.It goes the same with the violent boyfriends.

A man should never strike a woman no matter what as they are much stronger than woman.It is never right to hit a woman and never a reason for them to do so!

Next,there is the pathetic former boyfriends.We see it everywhere.A girl who was shot right in the face with a gun.She survived the ordeal but her face were totally gone and she had to go through reconstructive surgery.Then there was this beautiful newscaster from UK that has been raped and being splashed by acid sulphuric on the face.Her face is disfigured now but she survived and she stood out to tell her stories.Another was a girl who survived a gang rape and endured pain of being tattooed on her entire body.The recent one is a guy who killed his former girlfriend.Imagine the devastation of the girl's family.All these were done by some former boyfriends that refused to let go of a love gone sour and that had gone all out to destroy the lives of those girls involved.What I mentioned here are just a tiny portion of horrible things that had happened around us.

Some women have to live in fear because of those insane men.They had received numerous threats.Those threats came in many forms such as to mean bodily harms and even to kill!Those men will stop at nothing to cause trouble in the victim's life.Sometimes these kind of threats can never be a proof for the victims to lodge a police report as nothing can be done until the victim is actually harmed.But most of the victims are reluctant to go to the authority as they are afraid of reprisal.

Are women's lives not worthy?Do they really deserve these kind of treatment?It really makes me wonder if I'm safe.Is there any organization that can protect us?Will I be the next victim?

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