Thursday, October 8, 2009

Touched by an angel

I saw a stranger in my dream
A beautiful stranger
Came into my dream
Giving me hope that I've lost

Came into my dream last night
A god sent angel from heaven
An angel to show me some love......

Whispering words of hope
Showing the way God works
Guiding me to the steps of heaven

See into my soul
Read my mind
Touch my heart

To realise that it's just a dream
Really tore me apart and into pieces
I felt like my heart being stabbed
It's so painful to be awake

The moment i woke up from the dream
I still can feel the love around me
Lingering in the air that I breathe

How I wish it could stay
Staying forever like that
Forever in the world of dream
Where the happiness is always around......

The feeling is exhilarating
To be so loved by an angel

How could it be just a dream?
It should be more than just a dream..

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