Thursday, October 8, 2009

Insane promises

So many times that i turned a blind eyes
Denying myself the truth that I saw in you
The one who's been hiding behind the veil
The veil of deception that has blinded me

You are not the only at fault here
I do have some responsibility too......
I was covered by my own blanket of insecurities
So insecure that I trusted your sweet lies.....

You know what's on my mind
I confided my secrets to you
I poured out my feelings to you
There's nothing that I withhold

You know of my dreams and ambitions
You know what I really needed
That's when you use the informations
To manipulate me to your advantage
It was so stupid of me........
To believe that you really cared
Really cared about my feelings..
That you are willing to hurt me so much

Making all those empty promises
Promises that you never intended to keep
You promised me a lot of things
Promises laced with lies and venom

Love is so blind...
Why do I fell for that?
Believing in you......
That you are someone that I could trust

The crazy promises
The ilogical lies
What's wrong with me?
It seems I lost my mind

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