Friday, January 2, 2015

My Billy Babies

Taking my Billy baby home with me. I bought two bigger one and got them shipped to my place along with all the other furniture I bought. Then I decided that I want another smaller one. Almost has to pay IKEA for this little baby to be shipped, luckily we managed to fit it into the car with my dining table (will elaborate more on the dining table in another post ). That's RM 75 saved.

As you already know, it will be just a plain white bookcase and I'm not going to leave it to that. I have some wallpapers sitting in the storeroom collecting dust, left from my shop's renovation a couple of years ago. Sometimes I just have no idea what to do with all those leftover materials. 

It was a very simple project. Just a few hours and I'm done with my very own customized Billy babies. Measurement taken, alligning the pattern, glue application and it's done.

Black wallpaper for the shoes :

White wallpaper for this :

I ran out of wallpaper for this one and I was so frustrated that I couldn't finish this one for a while. Who knows it turn out to be something good for me. I found this beautiful gold wrapping paper at half the price at British India store. It's was only RM 7.50 per piece. 

So far I'm loving this to the max compared with the one I did with the leftover wallpapers. The thing with interior decorating is that you won't know exactly how's the outcome going to be when you see certain things in the store. But these very things seem to be calling out for you, they stopped you in your tracks and turn around to look at them. From there you let your imaginations reigned.

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