Saturday, January 17, 2015

Wishing Out Aloud

It's always good to wish for something aloud. The universe works in its own way to deliver you your wishes when you wanted it bad enough. 

I was wishing for a chaise lounge and a foot stool. Allocated a spot for them as I was trying to work out my budget. I daydreamed with Danielle how I will decorate them in future. 

Then one day Danielle sent me a picture of a stool saying she's giving it away and if I mind hands-me-down stuff. "No! Not at all! I can always reholstered and customized it" that was what I said. The best thing was she's going to help me out with this little DIY work. Nice, I have a foot stool now. Then I bought a piece of strong tweed grey fabric and 4 piece of chromed kitchen cabinet legs. A perfect combination. It was simply beautiful. No sewing required. Just stapling and sealing the edges with some ordinary glue.

Here's my Princess Emmanuelle being the showroom model.

Another pleasant surprise came up soon after. I was at work when Danielle called and sounded so urgent. I wondered what's wrong, she never calls out of a sudden like that. All sorts of things came across my mind during that few seconds. I can't believe it when she said there's a chaise lounge to be given away as well. Wow! Am I dreaming or what? This is really an awesome dream! 

More works were required to give it a new leash of life. The frame was sanded before it was sprayed with silver paint. Boy, it was a mess. The paint fume were all over the place during the process. A lot of cleaning to do afterwards. Then I reholstered it with grey velvet fabric. And as for the bolster, I had to leave it to the professional. The place where I bought all my fabrics provided the sewing service.

This is the most comfortable spot in the house now. I always fell asleep and even slept soundly right in this chaise lounge. Thanks to my buddy. 

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