Thursday, January 29, 2015


The newest social media campaign poised to go viral also supports a great cause. 

Cervical cancer rates have been on the rise across the pond for women under 35 in recent years, a pretty scary trend considering the disease most consistently affects older women. But the scarier fact is this: The number of women getting regular Pap tests has fallen. Now nearly one-third of U.K. women between the ages of 25 and 29 are skipping their Pap smears, while the number of women in that age group diagnosed with the disease rose 4.8 percent in the past year alone. Coincidence? Not at all. And since getting a Pap smear is the easiest way to prevent the disease or catch it early, there's absolutely no reason why this should be the case—which is why the #SmearForSmear campaign is so important.

Little thing that goes a long way. Help to create the awareness with your smeared lipstick selfie. Include this in your tag: Cervical Cancer Campaign #smearforsmear @JoTrust I nominate .....  ( 3 person)

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