Thursday, June 13, 2013

HSBC Feeding Me Bullshit

I have been a client of HSBC for quite some time and a joint account with my domestic servant since 2011 was one of them. Everything WENT smoothly and the service WAS great. Please observe that I emphasized on the past tense with capital wordings.

And now the bullshit part begins:

I went to HSBC Bangsar branch with my new domestic servant this morning. I had postponed all my appointments at salon to a later time today as I thought it would just take a while as this bank never gives me any trouble BEFORE. I waited for almost half an hour for my turn. The officer named Nurul asked for the reason for opening the account. That was strange, never had I have to inform any bank about this. NEVER. I told her it was for payroll purpose. She took our identity card and passport and after a few minutes she came back and told me that we can't open a joint account. WTF.....

The reason is that this is the standard procedure of the bank and it was implemented since long time ago. Way back before 2011? She told me yes. I tell you, by this time I was already furiously boiling in my head. My previous joint account was opened in 2011 and she still insisted that the stupid procedure was started way before that and she had double checked with her superior Miss Uma. Then why the hell they allowed me to do that back then? Whose fault was that? Mine? If it was supposed to be a standard one, everything should be the same. If they

told me something reasonable I'll be gladly accepted it. This is not. Do I look like a donkey or something?

NONSENSE. In the end I was told that I couldn't do it because I'm supposed to have a relationship with the other person named in the account. Relationship? Employer and employee relationship is also a relationship right? What's the difference of my relationship with my previous servant and this current one? Not that I gave birth to her that we had a closer relationship or something. How about I marry my maid then? Damn, talking to this person really wasted my time and energy. She was trying to feed me all kinds of crazy shits to deter me from opening an account there. She might as well tell me to close all the accounts that I have with them as I don't have relationship with their boss.

Or are they having social discrimination? Maids are not allowed? Then the bank should raise the amount required to open an account. RM200 is too little. Any Tom, Dick or Harry on the street also can afford it. Make it RM200k instead. Ban low income folks and ban me too after this post is published. Get the security guard scan and kick out those people. Kick me out as well, if they dare to do it.

My time totally wasted and I had to cancel my appointments at work as I have to go to another bank nearby, Maybank( they are fast and efficient). The HSBC's time is precious, mine? Is rubbish right?

What kind of service is this? What kind of human that gives this kind of excuses? What kind of big corporate that treat their clients like this? It's HSBC. Kudos to you, for treating your client like an idiot. Keep up with the ridiculous nonsense.

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