Friday, May 10, 2013

130413 Getting A Little Tipsy This Morning

Visiting a vineyard is what I always want to do but not the wine tasting part. I'm a super particular person and I don't find much wine out there that I really fancy except for this one by Robert Mondavi. So I bought it and kept it as part of my collection for at least 4-5 years until my family opened it for some IDK what occasion. I was looking forward to taste it. I remembered the first time I tasted it, it was fruity and the scent of apple lingered in my mouth for awhile. As I tried to take a sip of it with an expectation greater than anything in the world, BLAH.....that was one and only sip I took of it and the rest goes into the drain. It was flat and flat and flat. Just FLAT!! And now I don't really expect anything from the rest of the collection. I've learnt that it's never a good thing to have larger than life expectation which will only leave you with larger than life disappointment. Robert Mondavi

                                              Fooling around with the panoramic feature

                                                      OMG! Loving the rose wine so much!
This morning we visited the Beringer Vineyard at the picturesque Napa Valley located at the Napa County at the north of San Pablo Bay. This place has maintain a rural agricultural environment on the large part of its land which gives a very beautiful view of endless vineyards along the way before we reach our destination. It wasn't the wine that excites but it is its vineyards. Maybe I had too much of the concrete jungles in everywhere I went, I find this change of scenery has a positive effect on me. Trying to imagine myself in a parallel universe where I work in a vineyard. How would my life turn out then?

I have some confession to make here. I hardly fall in love and I fall in love easily. I'm very loyal and POFF! I fall out of love just like that, it all just goes up in the smoke as if  I never  fall in love in the first place. Anyone understands what I'm trying to say? Never mind if you don't. Back to the original story, red and white wine...NAH...I just poured my portion to person next to me. Rose wine and dessert wine? Yes! There are mine, HANDS OFF! I found my new love, at Beringer this day. On cloud nine now because I'm a little tipsy already.

And the day ends with this beautiful sunset picture at Fisherman's Wharf with all these adorable sea lions.

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