Friday, May 10, 2013

110413 Getting Onboard

Believe it or not, this backpack( ignore the rest of the luggages around it, they are not coming with me) was the only luggage that I brought with me for the trip and it was only around 14lbs! I can't believe it and neither will you and everybody else. But that was what I actually did!

My backpack

KL Sentral was still very quiet at 4.30am

Let me recall what's inside the bag. One set gym attire, one set pyjamas, two sets of day attire and three pieces of undies. Had to do my own laundry at the hotel at every alternate days and once at my host Howard's home. All for the sake of travelling light from Malaysia to Korea then to west coast of United States and east coast of United States.

It was fine for the first half of the trip at west coast until I'm on my own at the east coast. Damn it, I was sick like hell and I had to drag that thing around the town especially at Boston ( and it was right after the marathon bombing incident!)Thank God that I packed light just like the backpackers.

And for some reason some people just doesn't seems to understand this. I told them that I had to backpack at certain point and they still can't comprehend it! They gave me some shit long shopping list expecting me to drag them across United States and back to Malaysia for them. Polo Ralph Lauren shirts, Coach bags wallets, GAP etc etc ...crazy shit,erm I mean shits. No, I didn't subject myself through such torture. There's always a solution to everything, freight services( as simple as ABC)Whatever they want to buy from the west coast, I bought them and posted them via USPS just before I venture to the east coast on my own. Those who's unwilling to pay for the postal, sorry to say this to you but too bad for you because those things at the factory outlet were so CHEAP even after adding in the postage charges! I know I sound awful taunting the person in question like this but I've tried to make my point clear many times and suggesting solutions to her and she still couldn't get it!

Back to the point of this blog post, the departure day had finally arrived and I was still trying to sort out things at home before I leave and arrangements in the United States down to the very last minute. It was like a MISSION IMPOSSIBLE to me. I was getting paranoid as the day get nearer imagine all sorts of possibilities that might sabotage my trip. That North Korean thing especially but everything that happened during the trip that almost sabotaged my trip were nothing that I had imagined. Virus/ bacteria infection and that bombing incident in Boston no thanks to that two SOB, these were already enough to give me major headache.

                                                                    Seoul, Incheon!

The entire flight was around 20 hours including a transit in Seoul, Incheon and with the Korean officer saying something about my hair. I was in a bob wig trying to cover my pink hair for the US visa photo and interview. I don't mind long hours flights at all. It was the only time that I wasn't rushing somewhere and a time for myself. Catching up on the movies that I've missed out and just sitting there waiting for my meal and then for the ice cream and then just sleep. The most important at all, USA! A place that I've always wanted to go since I was a kid. Love it, love it.

                                                    The highlight- ICE CREAM!
                                                   And finally, touching down at San Francisco

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