Friday, May 10, 2013

120413 The Contrasting Side of Mankind, Beauty, Ugliness and Pure Stupidity

After going through my routine workout, there's another round of workout again. A walk across the Golden Gate Bridge. Scorching up more calories, fantastic baby.

There I was, on the iconic bridge itself appreciating its height and size and the view below. What was on my mind that particular moment? That I wish I wore my gym wear there and jog across the bridge and also wishing for a bicycle to cycle across. What else life changing/ revelation that went through my mind? Can't recall much except that I wish I had more time to slowly enjoy the walk and the lovely weather.

                                         Come on! I'm raring to go now. Just press the button fast!

                                               The ships look like toys to me from up here

So, I walked on the Golden Gate Bridge!

Then there's this beautiful Palace of Fine Arts at the Marina District of San Fransisco that echoed those classical European setting and also home to many wildlife's like ducks and swans. A very beautiful monumental structure built around a small artificial lagoon. Man has always been the smart creature on this planet, isn't it great if they just put their creativity to good use instead of doing all those disgusting stuffs that hurts the mankind? I don't know how my mind managed to link these 2 unrelevant things together but the beauty in things just contrasted with the ugliness surrounding it.

                                                           The beautiful landscape

                                                         A swan guarding her eggs

Lunch and dinner afterwards was DUH....nothing fancy. Bubba Gump and chinese food. CHINESE FOOD OF ALL THE THING! I don't have problem with chinese food and I love it too but do I really come all the way here for some chinese food?! That's the problem with going along with travel agencies. They always feed you some fucked up food which they always claimed are 'must have' or highlights of the place. What to do? That pure stupidity ends the day.

Good night.

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