Thursday, January 17, 2013

Day 5: Antagonistic Surprises From Slovenia to Austria

Must give myself a pat on the back for my efficient financial management skill. I managed to spent down to the last cent of my Kuna currency before we headed to the musical land of 'Sound Of Music'. A toast to it as we crosses the border.

En route to Austria, we stopped by Ljubljana in Slovenia for lunch. The weather was a bit warm here and the town is special in its own way with different architecture buildings of different styles evolving from it's own history.

There was this bus moving parallel to our coach where there was some kind of party going on inside. Everyone looked so high and there were even some naked lap dancers inside. WOW! And that's in the broad daylight. I wish we have that here too!

Lunch was superb and they served some wonderfully delicious Panna Cotta. Boy, how I love this dessert( not just Panna Cotta, I adored desserts!).

We continued our journey to Austria after wandering around this beautiful Slovenia town for a while. The weather was getting chilly as we are getting near and I've started layering myself with warm clothing. It was raining as we reached the town.

The musical ' The Sound of Music' is in our itinerary this evening accompanying our dinner. Remembering every words to the songs and singing along to them. It was fun.

The fun stopped when we reach the hotel. My luggage was locked inside the coach and I got trapped inside the elevator. Worst of all I saw something vividly dark moving above my bed in the middle of the night and I still don't know if it real or it was just a nightmare. Its not human, that I'm sure of. My room mate witnessed first hand how I screamed like one of the character in 'Pyscho'. name it, all rolled into one.

The hotel looks nice and the bed looks very comfy though...

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