Monday, January 14, 2013

Agave For My Sweet Tooth

I've been missing my daily coffee fix after being diagnosed with hyperthyroidism ( I do sneaked in a cup or two after some improvement on my condition). I maybe able to have it now and then but it's kinda guilt inducing with all those sugar being dissolved into it until I found out about this wonderful nectar from the agave plant. Feel so good to be able to indulge myself with coffee again and I read it somewhere that coffee can me go longer in the gym. And that's killing two birds with one stone

I found that agave nectar is a really good alternative to refined sugar and honey due to it's low GI value. It won't cause sudden insulin spike in our body, good for my slimming phase. It's taste is not as strong as maple syrup which makes it easier to pair with variety of food. The only thing is I can't use it in my baking as it will burn pretty fast compared with granuled sugar.

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