Thursday, October 4, 2012

Some Crazy People

Somewhere, somehow in some corner of this world there's someone who really like to make you really feel bad about yourself. They tried to point out whatever that wasn't even bothering you as if you have committed a super faux pas yourself in front of the whole world just to bring you down and to elevate themselves further. Anyone can see that these people can't further elevate except to step on someone, elevated from there and stay there.

The worst thing is they are still pretending like you are their best friend. They cling to you like a cling wrap . They interrogate everything you do. They want to befriend your friends. They want to go where you go. If they can't succeed any of the above, they'll say things to dampen your day. Doing something to interrupt your plans. When in fact, they love to be with you so much because they think you are the only one that they can step on, bully and belittled.

Mad people

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