Friday, October 5, 2012

Sizing You Up

Somehow I feel awkward at some social events. People look at you in a strange way. They whispered to the person next to them, then the other person will turn their head and look at your direction. And then they started to giggle.

These people usually formed a group among themselves and they only live within that circle. They don't know the basic courtesy of treating others with manners. It's like no other being is good enough for the group.

Most of the time I would just occupied my time by playing with my phone sitting at the corner alone. Who cares? Even worse if one of those people come over and talk to you suddenly.

They will start to ask all sorts of questions to gauge your current condition. An interrogation to be exact. They will ask about your occupation because they want to know if you are earning good income. If they found out that you probably not earning much, you'll see a smirk in their face. They will ask about your current marital status. If you are married they want to know about your spouse's occupation. If you are still single, they'll tell everyone else that nobody wants you that's why you are a spinster. Where do you stay? They want to know if you are staying in some upscale or some rundown place. They'll be very happy if you tell them it's somewhere around the latter's vicinity.

You can observe that the entire duration of the conversation, that their eyes and brain are busy sizing you up from top to toe. These people can really multitask, interrogating and doing calculation at the same time. At the end of the day their main agenda is purely curiosity and to find out if you are living a better live than theirs, nothing much.

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