Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Pondering Over Today's Dinner

Do you know? Do you know that you have been missing out a lot of good things in life. Too much had escape like trying to catch water in your fist. When you are willing to open up your palms, you are able to cupped some water in them. When your heart is open, naturally good things will come to you.

It's funny how my life and food entwined. Like how I avoided food with black coloring just because of some old wives tales. My attire of the day dictates what's for lunch. No curry if I'm in white. No pungent food if I'm working, had to pick out all those scallions one by one. Having durian with fork and spoon and only on the evening of the day before my day off. No sizzling or hot stone or self barbecue food because I'm afraid of the smoky smell that lingers afterwards. Because of all this, I've been missing out plenty of nice food. Went to Pepper Lunch at IMM for dinner and it was so nice that I've been kicking myself for not trying out earlier. Only to came this far to discover this nice place when I always passed by the restaurant while I'm on errands back home.

Some may think that I'm nuts to fussed over small matter like this but I'm the type that think and worry too much. It's also where I learned to interpret the meaning and purpose of everything that is happening around me.

Something gotta change for good...

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