Friday, June 29, 2012

Day 3: Rat Race Or Peace At Zagreb

Something for my Baby Elise, a huggable and breathing battery operated mutt and it's super adorable.
Not sure if she'll tore it apart the moment she sets her paws on it though. 

 My sister thought it was a real thing and kept asking how the hell am I going to go through the airport with it.

Been missing my baby alot. Just had to talk to  her with Facetime midway through my breakfast and everyone thought that I have a human daughter, funny.

We left for Zagreb right after breakfast and it took us 4 hours to get there. After spending half of my time abroad on a coach, now I could sleep on the road and be able to wake up whenever the coach slows down. When it slows down, it means we have arrived at our destination.

Love this restaurant where they have a beautiful white interior. Modern and nice.

Can anyone tells that I just woke up a few minutes earlier before this picture was taken?

Zagreb Cathedral is the most famous building in Zagreb and the tallest building in Croatia. This place brought a sense of serenity into my heart where every problems seem to be in absence at that very moment. It's where you can almost hear the angels singing.

Where you will be enthralled and believed in miracles that God had created. Making you momentary forgotten that you still have a long and winding way on this crazy world. It really feels good to be here.

I would stay here forever if I could, to get away from the harsh reality of my current life. It's truly an undecisive thinking of mine. Can I really give up everything to have a sense of peace or can I give up having a sense of peacefulness for my ambitions? Let's just put this to the hands of fate, if I'm meant to spend the rest of my life quietly or to continue this rat race.

 Strolling along on a former river that separates these two banks in this city where bloodshed happened before it became the way it is today.

Bloodshed on the other side and tearshed on this side. Museum of Broken Relationships, my tales could fill up this entire place!

At the park where the locals walk their dogs and for a public show of affections. Couples rolling around on the grass cuddling and kissing each others like those in the movies. It's romantic in the reels but not in the reality, where you might be ended up rolling around on dog's wee wee and poo poo!

Catch of the day
Chocolates, luncheon meat, foie gras, pate, truffle.....

Calling it a day at Four Points

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