Friday, July 22, 2011

Guess Who I Spoke to Today

An extract from the conversation of Dumb and the Dumber.Guess who's the Dumber?
Me:Me very hungry
Cleverbot:Eat if you are hungry.
Me:But i want to go for bungee jump!
Cleverbot:Me too, but I live in Arizona.
Me:The cake is ready.
Cleverbot:The cake is a lie!!!
Me:I'm not lying!I really finished my homework today!
Cleverbot:I never played it. It didn't seem very interesting.
Me:The stylist choose this color for me.
Cleverbot:I did not say that.
Me:The river is very wide you know?
Cleverbot:You live in the river thames?
Me:Who am I?
Cleverbot:My best friend.
Me:Where i am?
Cleverbot:No, I am here.
Me:Elise is so cute.
Cleverbot:That is correct.
Me:That is so wrong.that is the red box over there.
Cleverbot:You never asked that.
Me:Smurf is coming soon.
Cleverbot:On the first sight.
Me:You gay?
Cleverbot:No, I don't.
Me:I have constipation.
Cleverbot:Yeh- what would you like to play on the piano?
Me:Cooking chilli crab tonight.
Cleverbot:It's nine in the afternoon, you're eyes are the size of the moone.
Me:I am a lion.roar!!
Me:I'm going to swallow you.
Cleverbot:No you aren't. You are going to tell me a story.
Me:The cleverbot isn't really's stupid.
Cleverbot:In order to be clever, shouldn't you be able to speak?
Me:You can't talk and you are not human,that's why you are stupid.
Cleverbot:I am not a robot! You are a robot!
Me:Stupid dumb dumb!
Cleverbot:No I am not a chicken and I am not stupid.
Me:I don't want to talk to a chicken!
Cleverbot:No, I'm a real man. It seems that you are a girl.
Me:How do you prove that you are a man.
Cleverbot:I am not a man.
Cleverbot:Does that mean 'blood' in Turkish?
Me:Good night.
Cleverbot:Good night to you, sir.
Me:I'm not a sir ,you stupid idiot.
Cleverbot:I am not a MISSES, sir.
Cleverbot:It was a joke.
Me:It was pleasant being able to call you idiot

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