Sunday, July 24, 2011

Found A Pet Friendly Place

On our way to there

Had dinner at Yakiniku today and brought Baby Elise along.Nice place coz they welcome patrons with pets.All you need to do is let them know in advance.They serve Japanese and Korean food as well.We went for the Korean BBQ.I ordered so many dishes that the table alone was not enough to contain all of it.

Baby Elise's head so big LOL

While waiting for the food...

It was pretty quick but too bad they don't have a special sauce to go with the grilled meat.Was so busy snapping the pictures of the food,luckily Dad and Sis helped with the grilling.Else can eat lamb sashimi ler...Anyway,here comes the food.Mad hungry before I even got there.

Bacon and PIG slices.Can see itsy bitsy at the corner.


Another ingredient missing,ox tongue.Have to settled for chicken gizzard


While we were busy BBQ'ing,Baby Elise was sniffing and eyeing the food.She almost stole our Cold Soba!LOL...

Here's the evidence

You are supposed to grilled the whole thing inside the foil.Know what I did when I first had this years ago?I 'kiap' all the enoki out and grilled it directly.The staff quickly came to the enoki's rescue afterwards. She 'kiap' all of it back to the foil and put it back to the grill.So PAISEH.2 SAM PA LO! -.-" I wonder who else commit this faux pas?

Kimuchi Fried Rice.Spicy and sour.Nice.

I don't like sweet kimchi

Deep Fried Soft Shell Crab, taste was not to overpowering.Just nice.But the Salmon Skin is not crispy enough(I missed HK's fish skin)

I forgot what's the name of this soup.But I can describe it as kimchi like soup,not too spicy.Prepared with fish head ,loves it so much coz I can really taste the fish flavor.Usually you see fish bones in soup but never taste fish in it.This is really a fish soup.

Second round order.Cockles!

10th attempts to get this picture right.Hand shaking coz carrying sleeping Baby Elise with one hand.Scallops with cheese.Just like to watch the cheese melt.

Ended the dinner with Matcha Ice Cream.Smelled like BBQ beef by the time we finished. Some lady behind our table was staring at us as we were leaving.Maybe it's because I kept talking to Baby Elise earlier.I'm dog mad,I talked to my BaBy like a human,so what?Cannot meh?PDA is not illegal.

My Baby woke up already

This was taken one minute before a tragedy almost happened.Mom was carrying her ,suddenly she jumped and narrowly escaped a moving car.I screamed and I couldn't move at all.I think I almost had a heart attack and tears were already forming.Thank God she's safe now.

Takeaway for my nephew.Porkchop with egg rice.He loved it.

Chicken wings from Peel Road for supper.Going to devour them after posting this.

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