Saturday, January 30, 2010


Just came back from Irda's wedding.It's my first time attending a malay's wedding.An eye opener actually.There's no people waiting at the entrance to collect 'entrance fees' and recorded every single cent that you paid.I was being welcomed by the bride's parents.They made me feel very welcomed.I remember there was once that I stood at the reception for ages looking for my name in the guest list.I felt like a total idiot.That's totally disrespectful to me.Now back to the present.They are also very generous with the door gifts unlike the cheapskate candle that I got from another 'kiasu' couple,the bride to be exact.Until now,I don't know what to do with that candle.Maybe I could light it up during their funeral in future.It's not the value of the gift that I cared,it's the sincerity that matters.Everyone knows that the candle it's cheap but the bride was treating like a fool by the way that she handled things.A very fucked up wedding indeed....

What does a wedding actually means?It's a celebration of union between two individuals that love each other.Just like what I witnessed today.

It's not a meant of gaining profit like some fucked up kiasu people does.

Anyway,I wish Irda a wonderful beginning,and love to last a lifetime!

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