Thursday, January 28, 2010

Homosexual is NOT a CRIME!

Many of those we respect and love who are gay, have now been essentially told that they are in "second-rate" society and should not be allowed the same inalienable rights as those of us who are straight.

I hope that people will understand that being homosexual is not a disease: people who are homosexual are not looking for a cure but for ACCEPTANCE...

I really loathed straight people who looked down at the gays.There was this bitch who put the gays as one kind like she's the holiest one and said all sorts of terrible things about them but yet she let a gay stylist do her hair just because it's cheaper.Isn't her a very confused bitch?

Ignorant people can say all sorts of crazy stuff.The worst thing that they can do is to do nothing but to treat our friends like outcasts!It can be seen on the big screen where homosexuals were tortured and killed.HOMOSEXUALITY is NOT a CRIME!!

Some people couldn't accept homosexuality is just because of their selfish nature.For example:A girl is upset because she's going to lose her boyfriend because she had just found out that he's gay.But come to think of it,she's sad because it's her who's being affected.What if it happened to someone else?Would she feels the same too?Do you think that being selfish had to do with it?

It's not what you want them to be.It's what they want to be.You can't accept it because it's not the way you planned it and you are dissapointed.

If you are have an issue about this subject,you should have voice it out long before anything happens to your loved ones,not condemning it after that.I think it's not an issue to you if it happens to others.It's like you are trying to say that homosexual is a very bad thing and it's alright if it's happened to others but not to your loved ones.Human is indeed a horribly selfish species.

Sometimes people like to look at things from only one point.They'll hurl all sorts of crazy statements without ever trying to understand the subject.It's easier for them to pick on the gays,I guess.

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