Friday, January 29, 2010

A new love prospect?

You may find yourself a little lucky in the romance department, Gemini, but you may also need to be careful about this luck, particularly if you are attached. This is a period where a chance encounter, possibly leading to an intense emotional or sexual attraction, when you are least expecting it could happen. Try to keep your head and your heart together as this could be overwhelming experience for you, this is the love at first site thundering of your heart moment. This will be an enjoyable period if you are single and have been looking for a new beginning, but if you are attached, this could lead to some serious problems for you. Be careful with interactions today, and if you are in no position to jump at new opportunities, then you definitely should not.

That's the horoscope reading for today.Damn it!It's a disaster!Thanks but no thanks.Please don't come knocking on my door.It's the last I ever needed now.But I'll be extra careful with interactions today.

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