Wednesday, April 15, 2015

You Don't Decide For Me 15042015

When ancient Greeks and Romans had to make decisions, they consulted the gods—by drawing lots, casting dice, interpreting dreams and analyzing such signs as sneezes, thunderbolts and flying birds. But for matters of the utmost importance, they sought to hear the words of the gods in the mouths of oracles, the Pythia.

Things don't change much........

We got so used to contemplating over some decisions in life, both minor and major ones. Then we started to go back and forth with it, asking for opinions and such. Time was wasted doing all these when we in fact had decided it. We were just lack of faith in ourselves. That's a very sorry fact to mention but it's the truth. Why do we always need another person other than ourselves to validate our opinion? We decide things for ourselves not others. You can't decide for me! You don't have that authority over me! I wear what I want, I eat what I want, I go where I want and I can color my hair with colors of the rainbow when I feel like it and that's my decision.


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