Thursday, April 9, 2015

Long Distance 09042015

People think I'm nuts for loving long distance flight. 8 hours is already to torturing for some, but for me the longer the better. Make it 18 hours for me. It's the only time when I can detach myself from work. I have this love hate relationship with telecommunications. It makes my life easier and at the same time it's makes me feel miserable. Communication has become too easy, anyone can reach you anytime from anywhere in the world. I know that I have a choice of not picking up those calls or replying those messages and emails,  I feel so bad doing that. With long distance flight, there's at least 8 hours of non connectivity for me, I have no choice but being disconnected. Not my fault right?  That means no emails to check, no calls to answer and no messages to reply.   Just me on board enjoying my in flight entertainment, meals and sleep. That's is pure bliss for me.

Counting down to the day of my departure. I'm going to Greece this time, the land of Gods and Goddesses. 
Packing is always difficult for me. So many days and so little that I could bring with me. And yes, that's a bag within a bag for my shopping haul. It's really hard not to exceed those airline luggage weight limits.

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