Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Selfish or selfless? 14042015

Every single journey into the different corner of the world has become a lesson in life. Words can't explain it. 
Grew up learning about the greek myths and legends, I was totally fascinated by the stories of their God and goddess, Titans and all. It's a dream comes true for me to be finally coming to Greece. It's a complicated feeling actually. I felt overwhelmed by the great history and yet it had reminded me again that nothing is forever. 
Visiting one of the legendary UNESCO World Heritage site, Kalambaka( Meteora). Originally lived in by 11th-century hermits, the monasteries later became safe havens for monks fleeing bloodshed when the Roman Empire began to fall.
It can be said that there are two types of people. One that is called to selflessly serve the higher calling, another is to selfishly serve their own selves while claiming otherwise. Just like some well known figures that we know so well.

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